Focus on the Customer

Share Information

Improve Process and increase Know-How through the accumulated and shared experience based on the collaboration between enterprises.

By working with more companies REDINDUSTRIAL contributes to the improved management of the supply chain.

RI’s activities create a managed connection from our customer to many suppliers and manufacturers.

Clear and prompt feedback keeps customers and suppliers in constant communication creating an extended company.

RI manages supply and logistics to result a positive effect on daily operations.

The concept of outsourcing supply and logistics activities allows the end-user to focus on the Core business.

Our customer relations focus on long term collaboration and are based on the confidence we can provide.

The system of the Integrated Supply reduces the number of the suppliers, the number of the transactions and the inner costs of administration.

The administrative and control procedures absorb resources that could be employed in more profitable activities.

Costs Benefits Analyses   

It is possible to have a small increase in costs of a transaction for the customer; in return our MRO services cover the following.

  • The costs of search and selection among many suppliers & markets.
  • The costs of coordination with external actors.
  • The risk of opportunistic distributors looking to maximize profits on spot buys with ambiguity.
  • The costs of verification and additional controls to meet customer specific requirements such as labeling and warehousing and delivery date scheduling.
  • The costs of switching suppliers in the event of urgencies or unexpected complications.
  • The costs of adding new suppliers.
  • The costs of financing purchases where suppliers mandate prepayment.
  • The costs of logistics and insurance to the agreed place of delivery.
  • The costs of and burden to supply any additional paperwork, such as  Export Licenses, MSDS, Manuals, Instructions, End User Declarations, Quality and Calibration Certificates.
  • The costs of translation from origin country to English or Spanish.